phono amp step up transformer

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6moons audio reviews: MC Step-Up Transformers - A Primer
Either placing a step-up transformer in the head shell with the cartridge or one . As mentioned previously, some preamp (and phono stage) manufacturers now .

Bob's Devices Moving Coil Step Up Transformer on 10 Audio
The idea of using a step up transformer between a moving coil phono cartridge and an active phono preamplifier seems like an ideal solution for boosting the .'s_devices_step_up.htm

PS Audio GCPH Phono Preamplifier on 10 Audio
I used them in a tube preamp a few years ago, added them to my current CJ Premier 15 phono stage, and recently built an outboard step up transformer box with .

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K & K Audio - Moving Coil Cartridge Step-up Transformers
However, a step-up transformer can be used to increase, or in transformer . is required to make a given cartridge work well with the phono preamp you have.

Phono Stage kits - K & K Audio - Lundahl Transformers, audio DIY ...
There are two levels of the Moving Coil Phono Step-Up Kit available, the Basic and Premium kits. These kits both provide two channels of transformer-based MC .

SUT Step-up Transformers for MC Moving Coil Cartridges CineMag ...
My experience: I have built hundreds of moving coil step-up transformers and . amps) used to match moving coil (MC) Cartridges to phono stage preamps.

Moving Coil step-up transformers have a reputation for sounding good when used with tube phono-stages. If your phono-stage is solid state, you might want to .

Because it is "passive", the transformer has theoretical advantages over the " head amplifier", but execution is still critical for both devices. Finally, "Step-up .

Moving Coil Step up "Transformer": Elevator EXP MC Head Amp
Owners of our moving magnet sensitivity phono stage preamps and owners of valve (tube) phono stage preamps will need this step-up device between turntable .

Needle Doctor Phono Preamps, Phono Preamplifiers, and Stereo ...
Cambridge Audio Phono Preamps. Needle Doctor - . Aesthetix Io Signature Phono Preamp w/volume controls . Ortofon Verto Step-Up Transformer. Product .

Expressive Technologies SU-1 moving-coil step-up transformer ...
Apr 9, 2008 . A review of a $3000 moving-coil step-up transformer in this digital day . Not all phono stages work well with the SU-1; the phono stage input .

Lundahl MM Phono Step-Up Transformers - Hi-Fi Blog for DIY ...
Jan 3, 2008 . I had no phono preamp and though I looked at several schematics, I just . Not only will the step-up transformer increase the output level, they .

EAR - MC-4 STEP-UP TRANSFORMER. . Category: Analog Gear, Phono Preamps, MC Only, MC Step-up. SKU: AEARMC4 Availability: * All specified ship .

Microphone transformers converted to MC step-
The 47K input impedance at the phono preamp is sufficient loading at the secondary. Here is my typical wiring configuration for an MC step-up transformer: .

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